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Sergio Cortés Live Tribute Show

Sergio Cortés "Michael Jackson Live Tribute Show"

Sergio Cortés is a unique performer, renowned for his spot-on impersonation of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Over the years, many have attempted to copy the unforgettable singer, with some even resembling him strikingly. However, none have proven to be as exceptional as Cortés, who effortlessly embodies his iconic persona. Indeed, Sergio’s resemblance to Jackson is so uncanny that he could pass for his identical twin, even without wearing makeup.

Hailing from Barcelona, this incredibly talented artist delivers unforgettable performances by meticulously mimicking Jackson's dance moves and vocal style.

And though admirers often stand right by the stage, few can differentiate between him and their beloved icon.

As a result, Michael’s fandom has hailed Cortés as the greatest impersonator on the planet. With increasing popularity, Sergio continues to ascend to new heights, captivating audiences around the world and bringing joy to Jackson’s fans wherever he goes.

Sergio also takes his performances very seriously, preparing meticulously for each show and studying every small detail of Michael Jackson’s performances. He wants to give his fans the most authentic experience of seeing the King of Pop live, which is why he focuses on recreating his moves, costumes, and even the special effects used in his shows. The result is an incredible tribute that has won him fans from all over the world.

Despite the fact that he has been performing as Michael for many years, Sergio admits that he is still learning new things about the pop legend and discovering new ways to improve his performance. He believes that there is always room for growth and that his fans deserve the very best that he can offer.

Overall, Sergio Cortés is an amazing artist who has managed to capture the spirit of Michael Jackson in his performances. His dedication, hard work, and attention to detail have made him one of the most sought-after Michael Jackson impersonators in the world, and his fans can’t get enough of him.

Sergio Cortés
is the Man in the Mirror

Sergio has been impersonating Jackson for over 30 years.
He is becoming more and more popular every day. 


The King of Pop is back? No! It’s Sergio Cortés! 

Cortés doesn’t just look like the legendary artist,
he moves and sings almost exactly like him. 


26.05.2024 Baku - Azerbaijan

Heydar Aliyev Palace

28.05.2024 Istanbul - Türkiye

TİM Show Center

18.08.2024 Darlowo - Poland

Darlowo Park & Resort

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